Clarice, a red-tailed hawk.


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Who was Saint Bavo of Ghent?

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Saint Bavon's Company of Falconry is an SCA group dedicated to researching and recreating the noble arts of falconry and hawking as they were practiced within the medieval and renaissance period.

a lure There are no ranks; this is a fellowship of equals. Membership is open to anyone who expresses an interest in this ancient and noble art. This is an inter-kingdom company, and we encourage local branches to form within kingdoms, as interest and numbers warrant. As it was a period practice to name a guild or company in honor of it's patron Saint, we take our name from Saint Bavon (or Bavo) of Ghent, Belgium, the patron Saint of Falconry. We were chartered in January of Anno Societatis XXXX (2006 CE).

a hawk bell To learn more about us -- and medieval falconry! -- please explore this site, get in touch with the representative for your kingdom, and join our e-mail discussion list.