Holbein's portrait of royal falconer Robert Cheseman.

Our Charter

east kingdom monarchs sign charter for sca falconry company Saint Bavon's Company of Falconry was started by Lady Brianna McBain in October 2005, and the first draft of a Charter for the Society-wide group was written in November 2005. After several revisions, the resulting document was scribed by Lord Robert Fairfax in January 2006. The first monarchs to sign the Charter were Darius and Roxane, at East Kingdom Twelfth Night on January 14, 2006, AS40. Representatives of the Company -- Lady Brianna, accompanied by Lady Raven and Mistress Ygraine -- presented the Charter to Their Oriental Majesties, and then gifted them with a pair of peregrine falcons (stuffed animal ones) as “payment”.

At Estrella War XXII, our Charter was signed by King Dirk and Queen Chamayn of Caid. The Charter was presented in Grand Court, Saturday 2/18/06, by Lady Rachel Wyllt, HL Friederich von Blumenkamp and Lord Murchadh Garrioch.

At Gulf War XV in March of 2006, Master Eule von Haginbald, Master James Cunningham, HL Friederich von Blumenkamp and Lady Lora Ann Ros visited the Royalty in attendance. Our Charter was signed by Their Majesties of Ansteorra, Meridies, Gleann Abhann, Trimaris, Northshield and Atlantia! Throughout the War, the birds in attendance drew a lot of interested attention, a falconry "meet and greet" was held, and several of our members taught classess.

the badge of our Company Our name and badge were submitted in the East Kingdom in early 2006. In May 2006 we learned both had been approved by the Eastern Heralds, and they were approved at the Society level in October 2006. The badge is fieldless (so it can be depicted on any color) and is blazoned thus: A falcon close sustained by a sinister glove fesswise argent.

The Text of Our Charter

charter document of Saint Bavon's Company of Falconry May it be known to all to whom these letters come that we, the falconers and austringers of the known world, together with those whose hearts are drawn to this sport, recognizing that the pursuit of the arte of falconry is of noble and worthy merit in these Current Middle Ages, and recognizing also that that much information and experience exists in the Knowne Worlde regarding falconry and hawking, do declare our intent and purpose thus:
As it once was in the Middle Ages, so it is our desire to see falconry once again become an integral part of life in these our Current Middle Ages. To this aim, we do the following: that all may delight in the sight of falcons and hawks, which ennoble us by their presence; that we may enrich the Knowne World through displays of our skills and the flight of our trained birds of prey; And that we may enlighten others through our research into period falconry and hawking techniques, equipment, and all endeavors pertaining to the Arte of falconry, through classes and demonstrations, while remaining mindful of modern falconry laws; So do we form Saint Bavon’s Company of Falconry and dedicate ourselves to the research and practice of the noble art of falconry.
We shall welcome into our fellowship all who evidence a desire to share in our knowledge. A modern falconry license shall not be a prerequisite to membership in the company. The Company shall bestow neither rank nor title upon its members, existing only for the sharing of knowledge and promotion of falconry throughout the Known Worlde.
Under no circumstances shall membership in the Company be construed as a license to keep or hunt with birds of prey. No member of the Company shall keep or hunt with birds of prey without the appropriate modern licenses. No member of the Company shall intentionally violate any standing Rule, Order, or Proclamation of the SCA Board of Directors. All members of the Company shall pledge to honor this Charter, on pain of removal from the ranks of the Company. To this do we pledge our honor unto the Crowns of the Knowne World.
Thus do we, the Crowned heads of the Known World, pledge our support and set our names, and Charter Saint Bavon's Company of Falconry in each of our Kingdoms, so that its honour may spread as far as there are ears to hear and eyes to see.

The Founding Members of the Company

east kingdom monarchs sign charter for sca falconry company To this Charter do we, the undersigned, set our names, being founding members of Saint Bavon’s Company of Falconry: